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Bolton, ON
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10449 (Bldg 2B) Islington Ave.
Kleinburg, ON
DeGazon Music of Mississauga
1700 Mazo Crescent

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💥[Breaking News]💥 DeGazon Music has launched it's NEW 1-1 Video Learning Platform and 100% of lessons are now online!!

This will allow us to achieve two important goals:

🛑 So STOP the boredom...Imagine the fun they will have...

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We believe, a big thing, is connecting with our students and letting them know that their mentor, their music teacher, and friend, someone who cares for them, is still here with them, will still be meeting with them weekly.

We've even had a lot of parents who called us up and say,

"You know what, this is great. Let's do this three times a week."

We have a dad right now, at home. He's working from home and he's like, I've always wanted to take guitar lessons. So he's signing up for guitar!

👉🏼 OPEN Monday to Saturday

👉🏼 Request info about private 1-1 online lessons today visit

So we are pumped to be taking live private 1-1 lessons online at DeGazon Music...

Here's what's all still the same. Rachel's here to support you. I'm still here to support you, our front desk staff, and all of our teachers. We're all here, doing the same thing showing our love and passion for music with your family.

So we'll see you real soon.

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