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About Us

DeGazon Music Studios began in 1995. Rachel DeGazon, the founder, taught with the York Region Board of Education. At that time, she found that the demand for excellent and convenient daytime music lessons among her students was growing rapidly! Anthony DeGazon began by assisting Rachel throughout the beginning stages and joined DeGazon Music Studios full time in 2005. Read more

Welcome to DeGazon

Music can be a fun hobby for all ages, from the young to the young at heart. It’s never too late to learn how to play an instrument or learn how to sing. At DeGazon Music Studios, we offer music courses in Mississauga, Vaughan and Caledon for kids, teens, and adults to help introduce you to the wonderful world of music.

Children of all ages can start their musical journeys at DeGazon Music Studios. We teach music for beginners and more advanced music lessons for kids 4 and up. Our music programs are a fun and hands-on experience. Our experienced teachers tailor each lesson to your kids’ needs for a fun, flexible, and encouraging learning experience. It’s a good way to instill a love of music in your children.
We offer a range of youth music programs for pre-teen and teen students to help them continue learning how to play at their own pace. Do your kids want to learn to play piano, guitar, or drums? We’ve got them all. We provide private music lessons in Mississauga to play to your child’s strengths and find the best fit for their needs.
It’s never too late to learn music. We provide a range of music lessons for adults, from voice to piano to guitar. We believe in easy schedules and a flexible approach to learning. Our teachers can accommodate different learning styles and timelines to create a stress-free learning environment for you.
There are many benefits of music lessons, from learning a new skill to improving your mental health. At DeGazon Music Studios, we hope to instill a lifelong love of music in all students, no matter their age. Give us a call at (416) 527-3769 Ext. 1 now to start your musical journey.

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DeGazon Music has launched it's NEW 1-1 Video Learning Platform and 100% of lessons are now online!!

We believe, a big thing, is connecting with our students and letting them know that their mentor, their music teacher, and friend, someone who cares for them, is still here with them, will still be meeting with them weekly.

How Music Boosts Mental and Emotional Health

It does not matter if you love jazz, hip hop, or heavy metal. Several studies claim that playing or listening to music can help boost your mental and emotional health. For thousands of years, we used it as a form of communication and entertainment. It allows us to express thoughts, feelings, and behaviours...

The Best Holiday Songs to Learn on Piano, Guitar, and Violin

Every holiday season, families gather to hear their children and grandchildren perform holiday classics. For some musicians, this is their first year playing their instrument. For others, they’ve been honing their craft for years and the holidays are a time to display it.

How to Prepare for Your First Singing Lesson

So you’ve finally decided (or perhaps planning) to sign up for your first voice lesson. Whatever the case, you want to level your expectations and come prepared for it. There’s nothing to feel anxious about: your vocal coach won’t hurt you! In fact, they will do everything to make your first singing learning experience a positive one.

Guitar 101: What to Expect from Your First Guitar Lesson

Learning a new skill can be a fun and fulfilling experience. Music is an especially great example; whether you’re thinking of taking singing lessons or learning a new instrument (the guitar is a popular choice for many beginners), music can be an excellent hobby. However, as the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day;” you have to start...

Why Music Education is Beneficial in Child Development

Did you know that music offers a wide range of benefits in sculpting a person’s cognitive abilities? Music is to the brain what weightlifting is to the muscles. Music training — like playing an instrument or taking voice lessons — are closely associated with brain development. Exposing a person to music during their early formative years has a lasting positive.

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Music and Dance Classes are available for all ages! Register online. For more info call 416-527-376 ext. 1

Too Busy for Music & Dance Lessons?

Our Mississauga and Kleinburg / Vaughan music schools are only steps from your school. We pick your child up during the school day and from the afterschool club. Walk them to the studio and give them an exciting 30 minutes of fun music lessons with our great teachers! Afterwards, we quickly drop them off safely at school.