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Why Music?

DeGazon Music Studios believes that by joining us for lessons, you are truly taking advantage of an amazing and life changing opportunity. After many reSearch Inc. studies, it has been proven that music education enhances a person’s life with fun experiences and great memories. DeGazon Music continues to be proud to support our families by encouraging a love for music and dance for many students since 1995.

Music Lessons Were the Best Thing Your Parents Ever Did for You.
We love our children. We’d do anything for them. So if there was one thing you could do for your child that could increase their self-confidence, academic performance, emotional health, social interactions, and actually create changes in their brain that increase performance across a wide range of skill areas wouldn’t you do it? Well you can! You can make learning music a part of their lives that can dramatically increase their quality of life and ability to maintain high-level function well into their senior years. For more information here is the article – Music Lessons Were the Best Thing Your Parents Ever Did for You… by Tom Barnes from the Children’s Music Workshop. To view the full article, click on the below link:

The Case for Music Education
It’s been thought that all the smart kids are in music, but what we’re learning is that it’s the music program that’s making them smart…

Day-time Music Instruction Program Facts
In a study of the Ohio Proficiency Test given to fourth-grade students, the test scores of students who leave their classroom for thirty-minute instrument lessons twice each week are compared to the scores of students who remain in the classroom – Request a copy by email.

Education Act – attendance is excused if…
The child is absent from school for the purpose of receiving instruction in music and the period of absence is no more than one-half day per week – Request a copy by email.

The sounds they produce may seem like random noise, but a McMaster University study says music lessons attune your preschooler’s thinking skills. To view the entire article refer to the below link:

Arts proven to combat Alzheimer’s
New British study proves the benefits of the Arts in treating patients with debilitating mental disease. To view the full article, click on the below link:,arts-proven-to-combat-alzheimers.aspx

18 Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument
Michael Matthews, a dedicated musician, explains the many benefits of playing a musical instrument including increasing the capacity of your memory, enhances coordination and increases concentration.