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How Music Boosts Mental and Emotional Health

It does not matter if you love jazz, hip hop, or heavy metal. Several studies claim that playing or listening to music can help boost your mental and emotional health. For thousands of years, we used it as a form of communication and entertainment. It allows us to express thoughts, feelings, and behaviours...

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The Best Holiday Songs to Learn on Piano, Guitar, and Violin

Every holiday season, families gather to hear their children and grandchildren perform holiday classics. For some musicians, this is their first year playing their instrument. For others, they’ve been honing their craft for years and the holidays are a time to display it...

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How to Prepare for Your First Singing Lesson

So you’ve finally decided (or perhaps planning) to sign up for your first voice lesson. Whatever the case, you want to level your expectations and come prepared for it. There’s nothing to feel anxious about: your vocal coach won’t hurt you! In fact, they will do everything to make your first singing learning experience a positive one...

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Guitar 101: What to Expect from Your First Guitar Lesson

Learning a new skill can be a fun and fulfilling experience. Music is an especially great example; whether you’re thinking of takingsinging lessons or learning a new instrument (the guitar is a popular choice for many beginners), music can be an excellent hobby. However, as the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day;” you have to start somewhere when learning to play the guitar...

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The Right Music Teacher Makes All The Difference

For a child, the benefits of a musical education are wide-ranging and long-lasting; and as a parent, there’s no greater pleasure than watching a child excel at something they enjoy. Perhaps you wish to foster your child’s interest in a particular instrument, or simply to encourage their love of music. Either way, the right teacher can make all the difference to your child. A music teacher doesn’t just guide your child’s education; they also serve as a mentor...

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How Dancing Makes For Happier Kids

Among adults, the benefits of exercise are well documented and widely acknowledged. Muscle tone, fat percentages, and energy levels are all affected by our activity levels. In children, the need for exercise is even more pressing. This is partly because childhood fitness levels can have a lasting effect on adult health. To appreciate how movement makes happier kids, it’s also vital to understand the effect exercise has on a child’s psychological and emotional wellbeing.

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Why Music Education is Beneficial in Child Development

Did you know that music offers a wide range of benefits in sculpting a person’s cognitive abilities? Music is to the brain what weightlifting is to the muscles. Music training — like playing an instrument or taking voice lessons — are closely associated with brain development. Exposing a person to music during their early formative years has a lasting positive impact throughout their life.

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10 Easy Guitar Tips for Beginners

Learning music, whether it be with an instrument or with your voice, can be a great hobby in plenty of ways. It’s a cool skill to have, it helps you relax, and it’s an excellent way to build hand strength and coordination. When learning for the first time, there are some ways you can make it easier for yourself. Try out these easy guitar tips that can help you get a head start when you’re trying it out for the first time.

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