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At DeGazon Music Studios we ensure that we have only the best of teachers. Our teachers come from all over the GTA every day to instruct their students. We have a wide variety of experienced, Royal Conservatory trained (grade 8 piano minimum) and post secondary educated music teachers e.g. Humber/Mohawk College music and a variety university music degree programs. Our teachers all share our common passion and instill that love for music and dance in each student. Each teacher is able to adapt to each student and be flexible to their needs and learning style. At DeGazon Music Studios, we can promise that each teacher is friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely cares about each student. This ensures we are doing all we can so our students can learn at their own pace, feel comfortable and confident in their playing and build a positive relationship and that all-important connection/fit with their teacher and the instrument they play.

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What our teachers say about us

I always enjoy coming in to work at DeGazon because I have so many reasons to love my job. I love how unique students are and I love helping them achieve their goals. My co-workers are talented and friendly which creates a positive and supportive learning environment that I am so happy to be a part of.
-Sara Battaglia

Working for DeGazon Music is a teacher’s dream come true. They are committed equally to providing the best working environment for their teachers and the most enjoyable music lessons for their students.
-Shari Porter