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Guitar Lessons

Our guitar program encourages reading and playing music by ear as well as guitar focused ear training, theory, and technique. We encourage all types of guitar styles, as we know that a different approach works for every child. We also offer Royal Conservatory of Music examination preparation and encourage students to play songs that they want to learn and love to play.

Our music studio fosters a fun, encouraging environment with a variety of music and teaching approaches. We teach all types of guitar and different styles of music including both the electric and acoustic guitar. Our teachers are experienced in recording and performing many genres of music throughout Canada and even some internationally. DeGazon teachers are very flexible and will adjust to the learning style and rate of progress of the student.

At DeGazon Music Studios, we offer private guitar lessons for youth and adults. Our Kleinburg and Mississauga locations offer 30-minute, weekly, guitar lessons with a variety of teachers. For the most effective learning, we recommend you have your own guitar to practice on and purchase the music books recommended. Guitar lessons can help to build confidence, act as a positive outlet for energy and an excellent way to enrich one’s life.

Our approach helps motivate students and developes happy and eager learners. We highly value our love for music and work to instill that love in our students, encouraging them to continue to play for years to come.