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DeGazon Music- not just “another” music school.

You cannot imagine her dad’s and my joy to not only see her summon the bravery to perform in front of a live audience (she’s been dancing since 5 years of age and this is only the 2nd time she’s taken to the stage), but her performance is a testament of how much she loves tap, her tap class and especially her tap teacher, Miss Jessica. In the many years, a student spends in school, there are those teachers who stand out and will never be forgotten. Miss Jessica is one of those. Her love of tap is evident and it rubs off on her students. As a parent, what I find exceptional about Miss Jessica is how she stays involved and current in the dance world and then how she shares her knowledge and experiences with her students. That, to me, is what an exceptional educator is – someone who inspires their student to pursue knowledge, someone who is dedicated to their craft and constantly upgrading their own skill set, someone who thinks on different planes and levels and then introduces their students to different ways of learning. Warm regards,

-Helen Hung

Our family has had the distinct pleasure of taking music lessons from various teachers at DeGazon for approximately seven years- from guitar, to drums, to piano and flute, as well as musical theatre. Their approach is unique and they truly do instill a passion for music. Their teachers are all outstanding and multi-faceted. And the lessons are not just for kids. They’re for the kid in all of us. I started piano lessons this year and I’m loving the entire experience.

-Cindi Jones

After studying piano with DeGazon Music Studios for 5 years, our daughter still thoroughly enjoys playing the piano and needs few reminders to practice. This is a testament to the professionalism, reliability, and flexibility of DeGazon Music as well as to the talent and dedication of her piano teacher. Her teacher focuses on our daughter’s goals and needs in order to develop a positive, relaxed learning environment which motivates our daughter to challenge herself and take ownership of her learning. We have been so pleased with DeGazon that I signed up for piano lessons too! Having the teacher come to our house is so convenient and means much less time in the car. Choosing DeGazon was a great decision for our family. It has been time and money well spent to develop lifelong musical enjoyment!

-Eleanor Pendergast

DeGazon Music certainly fostered a passion for music in a very relaxed, creative and personalized style. Two of our children are now DeGazon Music graduates and the biggest tribute to DeGazon Music is that both headed off to university with their keyboards in hand!

Good to see you this afternoon Anthony. Thanks again to you, Rachel and [your teachers] for putting together another wonderful recital. I may have to take piano in the fall to keep connected!

-Marg Leon

Over the years we have had three of our children taking music lessons through DeGazon Music Studios. The teachers have been gifted – not only with much musical talent but with patience and humour! The lessons were kept interesting because the teachers asked what the kids wanted to learn to play. This made the kids feel empowered and excited about their music. Getting to know the teachers over time has also provided additional positive adult role modeling to our sons. Communication with DeGazon Music Studios was always excellent – all contact was very clear and prompt. The experience has been a pleasure for our family and we highly recommend them.

-Erin Furlong

We love DeGazon Music! Our four children have had the privilege to take either piano, voice, guitar and drum lessons from DeGazon Music. It has been a very positive experience for more than 5 years for all of them.‬ Teachers are incredibly talented, exceptionally positive, and have shared their love of music with them. DeGazon Music has instilled music in our home and our children truly have an appreciation for music because of them. We would highly recommend DeGazon Music to anyone!

-Bridget Leon


I just wanted to mention that the show on Monday was amazing. I couldn’t believe how nervous our son was. When he went up there and performed we were amazed. We did not think he could sing that well. That was the first time my family and I ever heard him sing.

-Anna Scola

We would like to thank you for organizing a wonderful Music recital on Friday. What a delight it was to see so many young (and old) musicians playing their instruments. You must be so proud of your teachers, including yourself Rachel, for working with students so diligently. I know how motivational and encouraging you have been to our children. It has been a blessing to have our children be a part of DeGazon Music. How fortunate are they to have such talented teachers.

-Joe Leon

The recital was spectacular. I can’t believe the talent! Everyone was fabulous. I always walk away feeling blessed! Thank you for that!

-Angela Zezza

I just wanted to tell you how good the recital was Friday night! The kids were great – excellent event. With all the grand kids in music now my Mom has been ‘on the circuit’ of recitals. She said that yours was run the best 😉

-Beth Robinson

Parents were present, students were smiling and engaged! I had so many complements! I just wanted to thank everyone involved in a fantastic concert yesterday. Clearly collaboration is benefitting everyone.

-Mark Breagner, Michael Cranny Elementary School


Katrina and Samuel are truly enjoying their piano lessons, their teacher is terrific. I can see her skill and talent as she works with the little ones every week. She is patient, kind, gentle and very creative. Also she takes her lessons seriously; she is able to blend into her mix of exceptional traits a quality of professionalism. You can be very proud of her, and pleased with her efforts.

-K. Schultz

My daughter absolutely LOVES her teacher. She said she had the best lesson ever last Wed!

-L. Zamparo

My son is really enjoying being with his teacher! His teacher has really connected with my son and triggered something. My son comes out of the room ‘just bouncing; because he’s excited by what they are doing.

-Beth Robinson

I value my teacher’s experience and outlook and wouldn’t dream of changing. I have learned far more in the past months and progressed so quickly compared to my lessons in Montreal. He is very challenging and I love his approach.

-Claudia Hall

Today was my last lesson and I just wanted to thank you so so so so much with everything. You don’t even know how much DeGazon has helped me grow as a singer. My teacher has been the best teacher and because of you guys I am a different musician now. A better one. Again thank you for everything.

-Jollen DeSousa

From The Teachers

I always enjoy coming in to work at DeGazon because I have so many reasons to love my job. I love how unique students are and I love helping them achieve their goals. My co-workers are talented and friendly which creates a positive and supportive learning environment that I am so happy to be a part of.

-Sara Battaglia

After attending lessons at many music schools throughout my youth, I found DeGazon has the most amazing and unique culture and community. After having such a positive experience as a student for many years at DeGazon Music Studios, I really hoped some day I would work there. Upon becoming employed with DeGazon Music Studios, I always looked forward to coming to work each week. There is nothing like sharing something that you love with so many others. Working with Rachel and Anthony was an excellent experience. Their encouragement, guidance, and support helped me to become a better piano teacher as well as a better person. I can truly attest to DeGazon Music Studios’ “Instilling a Lifelong Passion for Music.

-Rebecca Leon

Working for DeGazon Music is a teacher’s dream come true. They are committed equally to providing the best working environment for their teachers and the most enjoyable music lessons for their students.

-Shari Porter