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Ukulele Adult

At DeGazon Music Studios, we offer weekly, private ukulele lessons. The uke has become more popular among teens lately as it being used more often in music on the radio. Many adults have caught on and very interested in playing the ukulele as well. For the most effective learning, we recommend you have your own ukulele to use between lessons and purchase the music books recommended.

Our music studio gives a fun, encouraging environment with a variety of music and teaching approaches. We accommodate all students, as there are many teachers to choose from. The approach to learning taken for each student is flexible as we understand that each student has his or her own learning style and pace. Our teachers are experienced in recording and performing. They are able to customize lessons to each student; ensuring time is allocated optimally so that students will reap the greatest benefit from each lesson.

Ukulele, like all music lessons can help to stimulate the mind, improve stage presence skills, and act as a positive, fun outlet while increasing concentration and discipline. Our approaches ensure students are motivated and enjoy playing the ukulele. DeGazon Music Studios strives to instill a love for music in each student, encouraging students to continue to play for years to come.