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Ballet, Jazz/Hip Hop and Tap

Ballet: RAD – Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. Ballet is the basis for the majority of dance forms. Ballet allows the student to gain and build control of their muscle movements through a variety of exercises based at the barre, centre floor, and across the floor (traveling). Bending, stretching, and jumping are all elements of a Ballet class.

Jazz/Hip Hop: Jazz is based in Ballet and Latin dance styles. Jazz practices freer movement to popular music with an ongoing emphasis on technique and performance. Hip Hop is a culture influenced by many dance styles and performers including James Brown and Michael Jackson. As a dance it is also called Breaking and/or B-Boying.

Tap: Tap is a blend of percussive music and dance. A derivative of Irish Step, Lancashire clogging, and African Juba, sound is made by striking the floor with the heels and balls of the foot in rhythmic fashion. A dancer in Tap has an appreciation for a variety of music styles, and music theory.