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Learning the flute can increase lung capacity, motor skills and intelligence levels. It also teaches discipline, gives an opportunity for stress relief and self-expression and increases confidence. At DeGazon Music Studios, we recognize the importance of learning a musical instrument, such as the flute. We have created a positive, encouraging learning environment with a variety of qualified teachers and music approaches.

We accommodate all students through various learning programs including the option to play any song as well by request. Teachers are very flexible to the learning style and progression of the students, customizing each lesson. We offer a variety of music programs including RCM examination preparatory lessons as well as recreational arts based lessons.

Flute lessons can help to build confidence, act as a positive outlet for energy and enrich many artistic endeavors. Our approaches motivate students to help to build happy and eager students. Most of all, DeGazon Music Studios strives to instill a love for music in each student encouraging them to play for years to come.

Our Kleinburg and Mississauga locations offer weekly, private, flute lessons with a variety of teachers. For the most effective learning, we recommend you have your own flute, practice throughout the week and purchase the music books necessary based on the music program chosen.