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Request Your Make-up Lesson Online

You know your child's schedule best. We regularly update the make-up calendars for each studio so you can see when there are openings for make-up lessons for you to choose from.

You may choose your child's make-up with any teacher on any day that there is availability. Be sure to choose a teacher that is listed as teaching the type of lesson (e.g. piano, voice etc.) your child needs to make-up.

Click on one of the three studio links below to request your make-up lesson today!

It's that easy!

Book Your Bolton Make-up Request
Book Your Kleinburg Studio Make-up Request
Book Your Mississauga Studio Make-up Request

We have created a video tutorial to help for first-time users...

Make-up Lesson FAQ
  1. Give the required minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice to with "Away Notice" in the subject line (do not just let your teacher know).
  2. ** Last-minute lesson cancellation requests (due to illness or any other scheduling conflict) without the minimum notice will not be accepted and the lesson will not be made up
  3. Eligibility Criteria: Private students are permitted up to two (2) make-up lessons (September to June) provided that the required minimum notice is given with an absolute minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice.
  4. Because you know your schedule best, request your own make-up time from the available times at your studio location.
  5. Each family is responsible to schedule their own eligible make-up lessons online by linking to your studio's Make-up Request Calendar below. (View your Absence record online - sign-in, click on the 'My Students' Tab, select your child's name, then click on their 'Absences' tab).

***Sign-in to the Customer Portal to see the Policy document for details on Lesson Absence & Make-ups.

to review your student's absence & make-up record.