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We encourage students to take part in our fun and friendly recitals at the end of each year, although they are optional. Friends and family are invited to attend free of charge. The recitals are stress-free, relaxed and provide a great learning experience for students. Performing at our recitals, allows students to gain confidence in themselves and their musical ability as well as a greater comfort in performing in front of an audience.

Mississauga Studio Recitals

Kleinburg Studio Recitals

Bolton Studio Recitals

I just wanted to mention that the show on Monday was amazing. I couldn’t believe how nervous our son was. When he went up there and performed we were amazed. We did not think he could sing that well. That was the first time my family and I ever heard him sing.

-A. Scola

We would like to thank you for organizing a wonderful Music recital on Friday. What a delight it was to see so many young (and old) musicians playing their instruments. You must be so proud of your teachers, including yourself Rachel, for working with students so diligently. I know how motivational and encouraging you have been to our children.

It has been a blessing to have our children be a part of DeGazon Music. How fortunate are they to have such talented teachers.

-Joe Leon

The recital was spectacular. I can’t believe the talent! Everyone was fabulous. I always walk away feeling blessed! Thank you for that!

-Angela Zezza