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The Beginner Adult Tap class will consist of technique and choreography, with the emphasis placed on technique. In this class, it is important that a solid technical foundation is built before movements are stylized. In this class, students will learn to execute properly, the basic steps used for Tap choreography. There are four basic Tap movements: shuffle, flap, cramproll, and paradiddle; amongst many others that will be taught. It is by mastering these "basics" that one can become a true tap percussionist.

A typical class is comprised of technique work, choreography, and theory. This class will help to increase fitness, strength, flexibility and coordination. Mental and muscle memory will also improve as choreography is completed.


  • No experience necessary
  • Tap shoes

*shoes can be purchased at Mirena's Dancewear in Mississauga or online at Please see the instructor for shoe exchange information.