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The DeGazon Music Studios drums curriculum focuses on ear training and learning rhythms and beats. Our relational and fun approach to learning ensures a a quick learning curve for kids. Playing the drums will assist your child in improving other musical knowledge and instruments they play. We have selected our preferred industry leading methods and are very flexible and receptive to new ideas as we teach rudiments, technique and songs our student request!

Our Kleinburg, Oakville and Mississauga locations offer weekly, drum lessons with a variety of teachers. For the most effective learning, we recommend you have your own drum set or drum pad to practice on and purchase any music recommended.

Our music studio has a fun and encouraging energy about it and we use variety of approaches to teaching musical concepts. At DeGazon Music Studios, we have teachers who are extremely experienced in recording and performing music. Teachers are very flexible to the learning style and the goals of our students. We teach the basics to form an excellent foundation of musical knowledge and build upon it.

Drum lessons can help to build confidence, teach teamwork and increases listening skills. Our goal is to create a fun, motivating environment, to instill a love of music in all our students.