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Mississauga In-studio Dance Classes -



The Mississauga Intro to Dance course for Mississauga pre-teens offers older children the chance to experience many disciplines of popular dance in a friendly, fun, and comfortable setting. Ballet, Jazz/Hip Hop, and Tap will be the focus of this course. The program will be split into 3 sessions from September to June.

Offered in the DeGazon Mississauga school of music and dance, in the Clarkson / Lorne Park area of South Mississauga..

Each session will focus on one discipline at a time so that continuity and progression can be made. At the end of each session an informal, open-house presentation will be offered in the Clarkson / Lorne Park studio so parents can view their child's progress. At the end of the year, the students will showcase their work in the DeGazon Mississauga school of music and dance year-end recital, in costume, in front of an audience.

Mississauga students at this level will continue to focus on the primary fundamentals for each discipline but will also start to practice performance technique. They will be challenged with more intricate combinations and explore a variety of music styles. The students will also have the opportunity to create their own work during “Creation Day”, in which the teacher allows the students to create their own short dance, using the steps they have learned thus far.

Intro to Dance II is an excellent way to keep active, to build self-esteem, to socialize with other classmates, and to strengthen the body. As well it builds creativity and students have a lot of fun!


*shoes can be purchased at Mirena's Dancewear in Mississauga or online at Please see the instructor for shoe exchange information.

For more details on what we teach go to Types of Dances