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Mississauga Preschool Music and Dance Class

Mississauga Preschool Music and Dance Class – Ages 3-4 – 60 min. $69.99 monthly – Thursdays 4:00 – 5:00 PM

We offer a Mississauga children’s preschool music and dance class introducing children to the wonders of both dance and music for young children. Full of fun, action-packed activities are designed to spark little imaginations. For both boys and girls ages 3 and 4. Offered in the DeGazon Mississauga school of music and dance, in the Clarkson / Lorne Park area of Mississauga.

This a combination of the basics of dance along with the basics of music. Many concepts in both music (including use of percussion instruments) and dance such as rhythm, expression and listening skills complement each other and this class helps the young child develop stronger skills in both music and dance for young kids ages 3-4 years old.

This young Mississauga children’s music and dance class teaches a combination of concepts that are found in our older kid’s dance classes and builds on prior learning and experiences. The concepts will prepare your child for the following year when they graduate to private piano lessons or Introduction to Dance 1 for ages 5-7 years