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Piano Lessons in Vaughan, Ontario

Experience the DeGazon Music Standard

For over 20 years, DeGazon Music Studios has worked to inspire a Lifelong Passion for Music and Dance™. We promote a positive learning experience while building lasting relationships with our students. Fun and creativity are a priority in our piano classes to encourage and enhance learning.

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DeGazon Music Studios provides private piano classes for kids from four years old and up to adults. Our piano classes are tailored to meet your individual needs, preferences, age, skill level, and objectives for learning the piano.

We are dedicated to the following ideals:

  • Hand-Picked Teachers - Our post-secondary and university-educated teachers possess the passion, patience, and personalities to make learning the piano fun and inspiring. They are flexible and can adapt their methods to the learning style of each student individually.
  • Personalized Learning - We encourage our students to express their individuality and have fun while learning. Our students can choose the genre they would like to learn — whether classical, jazz, pop, or rock.
  • An Integrated Approach - Our programs use an integrated approach that combines theory with practical skills and fun. We offer a wide variety of musical and teaching methods that can accommodate the individual needs of our students. We work with our students to provide an excellent avenue of learning.

In teaching piano lessons for beginners, we emphasize the basics to create a solid foundation of musical knowledge, building on it to strengthen skills in reading and writing music and ear training. We also prepare our students for The Royal Conservatory of Music exams. Give us a call at (416) 527-3769 now to start your musical journey.