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Voice And Singing Lessons In Mississauga

Experience Excellence With DeGazon Music Studios

DeGazon Music Studios provides quality singing and voice lessons in Mississauga, Ontario. We offer more than just education in music and dance; our programs also foster a Lifetime Passion for Music™ in our students.

Quality Voice Lessons in Mississauga, Ontario

Our music studios have contributed to communities in the Greater Toronto Area since 1995. We employ skilled and passionate teachers with years of training and experience. Their methods are flexible and can adapt to the learning style and progression of each student.

The singing programs at DeGazon Music Studios are personalized, taking into account factors including a student’s age, skill level, learning style, and musical preferences. We offer singing classes for adults and children, beginners and those with prior training and experience. Our singing lessons for beginners have no prerequisites and are open to all. For students with advanced vocal expertise, we tailor your vocal lessons to match your knowledge and skills.

We work on singing and reading music and include the technical aspects of the craft. With us, you will learn beat, rhythm, ear training, and how to read musical notation. Our programs include lessons in recreational arts, audition preparation and ongoing support for arts school students, and exam preparation for the Royal Conservatory of Music.

At DeGazon Music Studios, our schedules are flexible. You have the freedom to choose the time and date you prefer for your singing classes, and we will coordinate with you if you need to synchronize lessons for your family.

Your first lesson is FREE. During this time, you can meet one of our teachers and experience first-hand the singing lessons we provide. Start your musical journey with DeGazon Music Studios; call us at 416-527-3769 for inquiries or to book your free trial lesson.