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Voice and Singing Lessons in Vaughan

Do you want to improve your singing skills? Taking voice lessons can increase confidence, memory and boost concentration and focus. For many who have taken vocal lessons, singing has become a passion, and they are encouraged and confident to sing for many years to come.

DeGazon Music Studios is here to provide you with the best singing lessons in Vaughan, Ontario. We’ve been in the music education industry since 1995, offering quality voice lessons for beginners (kids and adults alike). With our experienced teachers and training facilities, we can help you take your vocal abilities to a whole new level.

Here are a few reasons why you should enroll in our Vaughan, Ontario singing lessons:
  • All-Inclusive Lessons - Vocal lessons taught at DeGazon Music Studios work on reading and singing music as well as the technical aspects behind singing. Students are taught beat, rhythm, ear training, and how to read notes. We enhance vocal lessons for those who have background musical knowledge to allow a faster learning curve.

    Children and adults don’t need previous experience or training; there are no prerequisites for beginner voice lessons. Our singing programs range from the recreational to preparation for specialty arts school auditions to Royal Conservatory of Music exam preparations.
  • Flexible Schedules - At DeGazon Music Studios, you can choose your preferred day and time for your lessons. We contact our clients and give them the freehand to schedule their sessions with the right teacher at their most convenient time. We will coordinate with families to schedule siblings for the same time and date.
  • Competent Teachers - Finding your teacher is easy when you enroll in our Vaughan voice lessons. We have well-mannered teachers with a wealth of teaching experiences and excellent training under their belt. Our teachers are very flexible to the learning style and progression of the students.
  • Easy Access to Personal Information - Our online family portal allows you 24/7 access to all your account information, including your contact details, transaction history, registration details, and more. We will take care of the tiniest details around managing quality control, curriculum, payments, scheduling, as well as staffing.
  • FREE Trial Lesson - Your first lesson is ON US! We will give you the opportunity to meet a teacher so you can have a glimpse of how we do our music lessons. At the same time, you can consult with us and ask us whatever questions you may have before going ahead with your enrollment.

Let DeGazon Music Studios guide you in your journey to becoming a great singer. Get your FREE voice lesson in Vaughan by filling out this form. For enquiries, call us at 416-527-3769.